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'A kind of completeness' (installation at the RCA Degree Show 2015)

I’m obsessed with highlighting physical boundaries, seeing them as constantly oscillating (‘A kind of completeness’ jests with the idea that anything can ever be finished or whole). I’ve fetishised the edge and thresholds throughout my work and, even though the various elements that make up the installations are abstract, they reference every day items which relate to the idea of concealing and revealing or the possibility of travelling through (such as a door, mirror, portal, curtains, hair or blinds). While the materials used raise questions of functionality and purpose, the colours and motifs are playful, making reference to escapism and imagined spaces. Arising from an engagement with the exploration of the body, the building is used as a metaphor, utilising movement of both the materials and the audience participation to bring attention to the life that is breathed into the physical body of any given space once inhabited.